Touch The World

by Brandon James

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This album is my first EP ever recorded! I have always loved writing music ever since I was in high school, and it's a dream come true to be able to finally have put together my first official project. It was a collaborative effort with many people who have helped pave the way for my musical journey, including my former high school band teacher, my father, brother, and several other close friends who have helped me develop as an artist over the years.

The project was created with the spirit of giving back in mind, specifically the youth in my hometown of Stockton. All funds raised by this project will go towards studio time for students in Stockton through the Grace Notes Music Project, an initiative I'm working on with Matt Young of Press Recording Studio in Stockton, CA to help make the art of songwriting more accessible to youth in my city. All funds generated will go towards studio time for students through this initiative!

I hope that you enjoy the album and think about supporting this project! Thank you so much for your support!


released September 24, 2016

Brandon James - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
John Thiel - Piano
John Piasecki - Drums
Lawrence Carbery - Drums
Peter Hacket - Bass
Alex Piasecki - Violin
Kristian Park - Cajon, Acoustic Guitar
Tico Padayhag - Lead Guitar



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Brandon James Stockton, California

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Track Name: Collide Someday
Verse 1:

Vegas keys
Unlock the memories
That lead me to fields of dreams
Of fate dependent possibilities
Inspiration comes
With one wink of the rising sun
In your eyes countless smiles run
On the wings of a hatchling love


Well this song’s a simple song
Complicated by the approaching gates of graduation dates
But as I go
Into the waters of this world
I’m never gonna lose that angel in my mind
I pray the trifecta of good love, timing, distance collide

Verse 2:

If they collide on the shores of the central coast
Well I’m down with that
I’m more than alright with that
If we come together in the heat laced sands
Of the blazing desert land
I’d gladly put my fingers in your hand
And put my bags down.
Track Name: Don't Wanna Leave
Verse 1:

Finally had a car, a job, a guitar…
For the first time, the stars seemed to align
I had all 3, we fit in perfect company,

I traveled the 10, out to the where the sun swims
I tried to bury the year in summer days and broken mirrors
But now I’m back and girl you make me wanna stay

But then I stumbled upon, upon a wake up call
Couldn’t get my roots in the ground, but now I’m not comin down
I find peace, resting in your smile
And I don’t want to leave…

Verse 2:

California was the cradle, where I laid my broken days,
I found more comfort in the sky than I did where my bed lay
But now I got those eyes, spreadin’ life, I’m not livin’ just to survive

Girl, you don’t just settle, some run the race but yet get the medal
You live your life beautiful like the sunrise it pours into mine, now we’re sharin’ the good life
Track Name: Friendly Goodbye
Verse 1:

What would it take, to make your heart feel the weight of the feelings whispering, so heavy in the air
What would it take to cross the lines of dead debate so damned by devil distance, so heavy in the air

And I
Wanna rip fate out the ground and I wanna
Scream till sense fills your ears but I can’t hear a sound
Words hit the floor like nervous glasses,
Can we repeat the past without the ashes
Could we get back to more than just a friendly

Goodbye (repeat)

Verse 2:
And what would it take to make your heart take a break from the worrisome 9 to 5
God let it be alive
And what would it take to cancel out all mistakes of a world
driven you dead-ridden of chances not taken when given

And I
Wanna rip fate out the ground and I wanna
Scream till sense fills your ears but I can’t hear a sound
Words hit the floor like nervous glasses,
Can we repeat the past without the ashes
Could we get back to more than just a friendly

Goodbye (repeat)
Track Name: Last 4 Weeks
Verse 1:

The last 4 weeks
Life’s made an impression, (babe)
Pressed out the monotony
Of empty attraction

There would have been a greater likelihood
Of snow in west Hollywood
Than what I though I’d find
That Sunday afternoon


Cause all I want
Is to see you again
No strings attached babe
That’s all I want (2x)

Verse 2:

The reality is,
Encounters with
A woman of caliber only found in
Collisions of wayward daydreams and fiction
Can knock a man senseless,
Get his head spinning

I’m just thinking out loud, Ed Sheeran
Not gonna lie, I hope you’re also feelin’
Butterflies, knock knockin’
When you hear my voice on the line


I know you want to take it slow
Yeah that’s alright with me
Cause girl you make my heart beat, like an island sunrise
Won’t you wash m
Track Name: Touch The World
Chorus: I wanna touch the world, I wanna touch the world, Do I Have enough hands to mend this whole land, I wanna touch the world

As the start line comes on morning wings
My heart on love still leans on
From beach to plains my soul still sings
The touch the world song

I’ve cradled refuge, I’ve stifled doubt
My heart on hope still leans on
I’ve harbored dropouts, and their souls cry out
The touch the world song

And as the sun runs, I do not fear
My heart on light still leans on
Grace is my captain, and true she steers
She’ll be the touch the world song
Track Name: Walk In The City
Verse 1:
The seams on my frisco knitted memories are frayin’ down
The dirt’s workin it’s way in between
I’m walkin down Lombard roads, un-foretold, don’t know where they’ll go
Just following the street lights’ foggy gleam

Oh, when it’s a walk in the city, you’re gonna hit some ups and downs
Oh, when it’s a walk in the city, it’s gonna be tough to stick around
Oh, and when it’s a walk in the city, babe
You can’t always be walkin in the moonlight
You might have to go through the dark to see the sunrise

Verse 2:
The sweetness of sugar coated streetlights is a’wearin’ down
Our breath is dancing in the cold
Sometimes you gotta make a left on 2nd guess boulevard
To find that love has cast the mold

(Repeat Chorus)


You know it’s worth the wait, you don’t want to blow fate away
With a taxi ride you can’t confide in the safety of a subway line
Cause when you walk, you grow stronger, yeah when you walk you grow stronger
I’ll walk to all the coffee shops and play this song all over this town…
All over this town, all over this town, all over, over, yeah, yeah…